Celebrating our 6th year in business!


Dog-Gone Raw! opened in June of 2011, with a goal to provide all dog owners the opportunity to feed their dogs the healthiest way possible.  For more information on the raw food diet, click on the Why Feed Raw tab.


Mandi, the owner of Dog-Gone Raw! has always loved animals.  Knowing from a young age, (and she has never changed her mind), that the only children she wanted would be 4-legged and furry, Jesse was Mandi’s first "dog-kid."  Jesse was a "backyard freebie" puppy that Mandi adopted in 1997, and the two were inseparable.  When Jesse was around 6 years old, she began to develop little raw sores on her hind legs.  She would lick and nibble at them until they became large, raw bald spots leading Mandi's dad to refer to Jesse as “The Carcass.”

After numerous trips to the vet and many tried, and failed, treatments and tactics to prevent these sores from forming, someone suggested Mandi should feed Jesse a raw diet instead of kibble.  After some preliminary research to learn more about the raw food diet, Mandi began feeding raw to Jesse.  The results were almost unbelievable.  After 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference.  Jesse wasn’t scratching anywhere near as much as she had been, the sores were starting to heal and she wasn’t even trying to lick or nibble at them anymore.  After about 2 months, it was like Jesse was an entirely different dog.  The sores were healed, new ones weren’t forming, her coat was shinier; she just looked healthier.

Since then, Mandi has continued to gain information about feeding raw and the benefits of adding other natural supplements into the diet.  We have enjoyed seeing our customer base grow as more people find out about the benefits of feeding raw.  Not only because we can keep our doors open, but because it helps keep our best friends healthy, feeling their best, and aging well so we can keep them with us for as long as possible.

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