Where dog meats bone.
Where dog meats bone.


​A new addition to our store for 2017! Raw Performance is made in St. Catharine's from top quality cuts of meat.  The meatier grind is more palatable for dogs who like to really chomp on their meals.  Currently we stock the Performance Blend as well as turkey, beef and chicken dinners. For something different than a regular chicken dinner, try their chicken and lamb blend!

​Started by a military veteran, Hero treats employs former military personnel and donates part of their profits to train service dogs. Dehydrated chicken feet, necks, duck feet and more... 

The Doggie Diner, based in Baden, makes fully supplemented chicken and turkey meals as well as ground chicken and turkey with bone.  Complete Meat, chicken and bone mixed with beef tripe and organ is also available.  Sold in 2 pound containers in the store, arrangements can be made for bulk sizes.

Our top seller, Iron Will Raw is located in Welland, Ontario and offers a large selection of meat with tripe, organ meats and supplements added in for an easy "thaw and serve" complete diet.  We also carry plain meat and bone with organ for dogs and it can be used as a good base for feline raw food.

Started by breeders of Bernese Mountain Dogs in Edmonton, Alberta, Mountain Dog Food has been in our store since we opened.  Breeder blocks, one pound packages, and a good price point, make Mountain Dog a popular choice.

One of the larger companies we carry, Healthy Paws, is based out of Toronto. Along with their "Big Box Dinners" Healthy Paws offers pet owners a convenient "patty" packaged feeding option ideal for smaller and toy size breeds.

Based in the Niagara Region, Big Country Raw provides a wide range of meats for customers to choose from.  Popular with breeders, BCR offers both meat only and dinners, as well as a feline formula.

Mandi's own recipe! Mega Mix contains chicken, beef, salmon and lamb with spinach and supplements.  This is a complete meal that can be fed daily or added to a current diet one or two days a week for optimum nutritional benefits.


Dog-Gone Raw! is proud to carry selections from these manufacturers.



Menu Selections

Meal #1
Iron Will Paw-ty Platter, 16x2lb Doggie Diner Chicken/Bone, 8x4lb Dog-Gone Raw! Mega Mix
96 pounds of food     
$262.59     $2.74/lb

Meal #2
Iron Will Paw-ty Platter, 12x2lb Doggie Diner Chicken/Bone, 20x2lb Doggie Diner Complete Meat
96 pounds of food     
$222.59     $2.32/lb

Meal #3
12x4lb Dog-Gone Raw! Mega Mix, 12x2lb Doggie Diner Chicken/Bone, 12x2lb Doggie Diner Complete Meat
96 pounds of food

$246.79     $2.57/lb

Meal #4   NEW!

Raw Performance The Royal, 14x2lb Doggie Diner Chicken/Bone, 22x2lb Doggie Diner Complete Meat

96 pounds of food

$212.69     $2.22/lb  

A line of human grade natural supplements which can be mixed into food daily or used to heal skin irritations, boost the immune system and ward off fleas and ticks.

**Iron Will Paw-ty Platter includes:
2x4lb Ground Chicken, 3x4lb Original Chicken, 1x4lb Original Beef, 1x4lb Original Turkey, 1x4lb Original Pork

**Raw Performance The Royal includes:

3x2lb Gourmet Chicken, 3x2lb Gourmet Beef, 3x2lb Gourmet Turkey, 3x2lb Gourmet Pork

A line of supplements from the makers of Big Country Raw, Thrive products range from fish oil to nutrient powders which help with digestion and provide needed minerals and vitamins when feeding a raw diet.

**All Freezer Meals come fully frozen in the stated container size.

**Freezer Meals must be pre-ordered.

Nothing Added means nothing added.  A large selection of single ingredient dehydrated treats with no grains, no fillers or preservatives.  Choose from beef lung, beef liver, chicken feet, duck feet and beef snouts, each with their own nutritional and mineral benefits.

Based in Guelph, True Raw Choice was started by a certified nutritionist, trainer and behaviourist committed to sourcing local, natural Canadian products.  Dehydrated treats sold singularly in the store, allow customers to choose favourite treats such as duck and chicken feet, and try turkey wing tips or rabbit ears without committing to a entire package.