2% of an adult dogs weight is generally how much you would feed per day

Never mix raw food with dry food.  Most dogs transition well with a 100% switch from dry food to raw after a 12 hour fast.

Let the first few meals sit at room temperature for 20-40 minutes.  Food fed too cold can result in digestive upset.

Start with one protein like chicken or turkey before introducing beef, pork, etc.


Why raw?  Well because that’s what nature intended.  Through the years, the bodies of dogs (and cats) have adapted amazingly to maintain their health on the foods that were most available to them in the wild, raw foods.   

Our pets have adapted to live on the processed grain infused kibble of the last 50 years or so, but they evolved thriving on raw meaty bones.  Think back to your grandparents or great grandparents generations there was no kibble but there were dogs, what did they eat?  The left over meat, bones, scraps from dinner prep, and what they didn’t get there they hunted for.   We tend to forget dogs are in the same family as wolves, coyotes, dingo’s and so on, so why would a dogs diet be any different.

Look at your dog’s teeth.  Their teeth are designed for tearing into flesh, not crunching kibble.  All commercial dog foods are cooked beyond recognition which depletes the food of most of its nutritional value, this is so they can keep it on store shelves and your home shelves easier and longer.   Someone once used the example; you could feed kids macaroni/cheese and hot dogs their entire life and they would live, but how healthy would they be and would they thrive?  The same thing can be said for our pets. 

Natural raw foods aid in the efficiency of maintaining a healthy immune system which helps fight off bacteria, viruses, parasites, as well as cancer and bone disorders.  We know that bones are thicker and stronger in dogs raised on a raw food diet which is crucial in any dog, especially giant breeds.

Does your dog suffer from allergies, itchy skin, diarrhea, dry brittle coat, arthritis?  These are just some of the things a raw diet can help.   Raw bones do not splinter therefore they can be fed to your dog, and have the bonus effect of removing tartar and keeping teeth and gums in great oral health.  A balanced raw diet would also consist of green tripe, it stinks but they love it!  Also tripe is great in reducing skin problems, aids in shinier coats and is full of natural digestive enzymes which help in digestion and will have the pickiest of eaters begging for more.  It has also been shown in tests that dogs fed a natural diet tend to be more even-tempered and calmer than kibble fed dogs.

For all the love and trust our dogs give us shouldn’t we try and give them the same in return?  They trust us to make the best health and nutritional decisions for them so they can live the best and longest life possible, don’t we owe them at least that?

We have been purchasing raw dog food from Dog-Gone Raw! now for about 3 years.  We started Wrinkles on it because he had very itchy skin and he had sores and his fur came out in those spots.  The vet told us to put him on Prednisone and Benadryl.  He was on that for some time.  After Wrinkles was on the raw dog food his skin cleared up and his fur is shinny and looks so healthy.  There are no more sores or itching. 

Thank you Dog-Gone Raw! for providing this alternative to the dry dog food for us.

Mary Lou


*Allergies and Food Sensitivities are Eliminated

*Better Digestibility

*Clean Teeth - better overall dental health

*Smaller, Firmer Stools (less waste)

*Shiny coat & No More Doggie Odour

*Less Water Intake

*Healthier, Thriving Dog


*With information from a seminar presented by Barb Gowen.

 Where dog meats bone.
Where dog meats bone.

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